Table 1

Sample sizes for selected domains of RMNCH indicators in 129 surveys from 2010 to 2016

Frequently used denominatorsExamples of indicators based on each denominatorMedian sample size by wealth quintiles
All households with women aged 15–49 years or children under 5 yearsWater, sanitation, hygiene25072352218822152241
Sexually active* 15–49-year-old women and girlsContraceptive coverage16831626160515701526
Live births in the past 2–3 years to 15–49-year-old women and girls†Antenatal, delivery and postnatal care1001885826697481
Children aged <2 yearsEarly initiation of breastfeeding765644578504418
Children aged <6 monthsExclusive breastfeeding183157136121103
Children aged 12–23 months‡Immunisations376319299262224
Children aged <5 years with diarrhoea in the past 2 weeksOral rehydration therapy or solution30323220015899
Children aged <5 years with suspected pneumonia in the past 2 weeksCare-seeking for pneumonia10986635245
Children aged <5 yearsBednets, anthropometric indicators133411391033950728
  • *Some surveys only ask this question for women who are married or in union.

  • †Denominators refer to women who delivered a live child in the past 2 years (MICS) or 3 years (DHS). Postnatal care refers to women giving birth in the past 2 years for both types of surveys.

  • ‡In some countries, the denominator includes children aged 15–26 or 18–29 months, to take into account the immunisation calendars.

  • DHS, Demographic and Health Surveys; MICS, Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys; RMNCH, reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health indicators.