Table 1

Definition of abbreviations

COClinical officer—same as NPC
FGFocus group—an interview group of five to eight participants
HCHealth centre—a primary health care facility, lower than a hospital within the hierarchy of the health system.
IDIIn depth interview—an individual interview participant
IMCIIntegrated Management of Childhood Illnesses—a WHO standardised approach for child health whose focus is wholistic, including diagnostic criteria, disease classification and treatment guidelines
MOMedical officer—physician with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
NPCNon-physician clinicians—clinical officers who are a homogeneous group of mid-level health care providers trained in a 3-year diploma of clinical medicine and community medicine
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development—a market forum of 34 member countries mostly from high-income countries
PETSPublic Expenditure Tracking Survey—a health resource accountability tracking survey designed by the World Bank
PNFPPNFP—a third-sector owned health facility
UCGUganda Clinical Guidelines—standard clinical guidelines classifying disease and specifying treatment for common conditions
  • PNFP, private not-for-profit.