Table 1

The three types of continuity and examples of each*

RelationalAn ongoing therapeutic relationship between a patient (and often their family) with one or more providersEmpanelment and multidisciplinary team-based careCosta Rica’s Equipos Básicos de Atención Integral en Salud care team structure13
InformationalThe use of information on past events and personal circumstances to make current and future care appropriate for each patient and familyElectronic data systems that are interoperable with unique patient identifiers across settingsPublic-sector electronic health record system in Nepal9
ManagerialA consistent and coherent approach to the management of a patient’s health conditions, that is responsive to changing needs over timeManagement standards of care and multidisciplinary team-based carePatient-centred medical home models in tribal populations in Alaska14
  • *Adapted from Haggerty, et al (2003).6