Table 2

Measures of patient continuity*

Provider-sided continuity% of total visits for a provider with patients on the provider’s panel
Patient-sided continuity% of total primary care visits for a patient in which the patient sees their empaneled provider
Usual provider continuity% of all provider visits seen with “usual provider”
Known provider continuity% of time a patient saw a provider that they had seen previously in the prior year
Continuity of care index(n2 – N) / (N*(N −1))
n = # of visits to a specific provider; N=total # of visits
Sequential continuity% of time a patient saw the same provider from their previous visit
Modified, Modified Continuity Index (MMCI)(1 − (P/(V+0.1)))/(1 − (1/(V+0.1))
P=total # of providers; V=total # of visits
  • *Adapted from Paul, et al (2018).23