Table 5

Perceptions among adult men (15–59 years) and females (15–49 years) regarding TB, India, NFHS-4 (2014–2015)

Highest educational levelHeard about TBPerception that TB is spread by:Believes TB can be curedWould keep it a secret if family member has TB
Air, when coughing or sneezingSharing utensilsTouching a person having TBFoodSexual contactMosquito bitesDoesn’t know how TB is spread
No education79.543.913.211.931.06.21.720.667.312.1
Higher Secondary or higher levels94.882.627.321.934.913.
All women (15–49 years, n=6 99 686)87.260.318.315.532.18.22.414.477.313.8
No education78.545.911.213.325.95.41.716.568.116.1
Higher Secondary or higher levels92.576.821.320.
All men (15–59 years, n=1 12 122)87.662.816.316.427.17.42.511.579.317.5
  • Source: Authors’ calculations from NFHS-4 data.

  • NFHS-4, National Family Health Survey-Round 4; TB, tuberculosis.