Table 4

Treatment-seeking patterns for patients with TB according to selected socioeconomic characteristics, India, NFHS-4 (2014–2015)

Background attributes
(of households/patients with TB)
None/No treatmentPublic sector onlyPrivate sector onlyBoth Pub and Pvt
Wealth Index Groups
 Poorest quantile4.452.436.46.6
 Poorer quantile2.956.432.28.0
 Middle quantile2.960.730.55.7
 Richer quantile1.753.937.56.5
 Richest quantile2.
Highest educational level
 No education4.453.734.47.1
 Higher Secondary or higher levels2.643.749.64.0
Place of residence
  • Source: Authors’ calculations from NFHS-4 data.

  • NFHS-4, National Family Health Survey-Round 4; TB, tuberculosis.