Table 2

Socioeconomic and demographic correlates of self-reported TB in India, NFHS-4 (2014–2015)

Independent variablesORSE
Female (Ref: Male)0.536***0.012
Education status (Ref: Illiterate/No schooling)
 Higher Secondary and above0.529***0.034
Social Group (Ref: General (Upper) Castes)
 Scheduled Castes1.205***0.044
 Scheduled Tribes1.070*0.041
Wealth index quintiles (Ref: Poorest quintile)
 Poorer quintile0.695***0.020
 Middle quintile0.554***0.018
 Richer quintile0.436***0.017
 Richest quintile0.279***0.014
Rural residence (Ref: Urban residence)0.819***0.024
Type of states (Ref: Developed states)
 EAG states1.086***0.030
 North-eastern states2.372***0.091
N2 737 384
Pseudo R20.0712
Log-likelihood−54 906.95
  • Dependent variable: Individual reported to have TB=1, Else=0.

  • ***, **, *statistically significant at 1%, 5% and 10%.

  • Source: Authors’ calculations from NFHS-4 data

  • NFHS-4, National Family Health Survey-Round 4; OBC, other backward class; TB, tuberculosis.