Table 3

Estimated cost per incident of physical or emotional abuse averted, including sensitivity analysis to uncertainty around the effect size and the costs of implementation at scale

Cost of implementation per family (US$)Estimated cost per incident averted (US$)Sensitivity to uncertainty around the effect size*
Lower boundUpper bound
Sensitivity to different models of implementation at scale
Modelled at scale2669722480610
Modelled at scale plus 50%†39914453720914
Lean model‡1464891249307
  • *Bounds are calculated using the lower and upper values of the 95% CI around the effect size.

  • †This model adds 50% of the calculated budget for the delivery of the programme at scale, allowing for unforeseen variations in context that may increase costs.

  • ‡This model assumes delivery at scale with the modelled cost, but with reduced transportation, and no food or home visits for participants.