Table 2

Costs of programme implementation estimated retrospectively for the trial (delivery in one round, to 270 families) and modelled at scale (delivery in three rounds, over 1 year, to up to 1000 families)

Costs during trialModelled costs at scale
Cost (US$)%Cost (US$)%Key scaling assumptions
Preparation65115%25 1359%Recruitment and community liaison occurs ahead of each round of implementation (includes preparation staff costs)
Training71535%71533%Training costs are fixed; one 2-week training for a year of implementation (includes training staff costs)
Programme delivery
Staff costs79 10858%112 64543%Staff costs for 42 weeks covers three rounds of 14 weeks, whereas staff were employed for up to 36 weeks for one round during the trial
Material costs*33 48325%106 56740%Material costs scaled for three rounds of implementation; transport and food costs increase proportional to the number of families
Overheads97007%14 8806%Decreased level of management support, otherwise overheads normalised to a full year
Total135 954266 380
Cost per family504266
  • *Material costs include transport for facilitators and participants, food for participants, venue hire and required materials. Physical materials for this programme were minimal, but are assumed to have a replacement rate of 15% over the course of the year.

  • †Overheads include management support from the main NGO office, and local office running costs, including rent, limited supplies and communication costs (ie, internet, airtime).