Table 2

Levels of public health facilities and the services available

Level 1Health subcentres and non-24×7 primary health centres (PHC)
  • Deliveries are conducted by skilled birth attendant.

  • Equipped with newborn care unit

  • Minimum of three deliveries conducted every month

Level 2Basic level
All 24×7 PHC, and non-FRU community health centres (CHC)
  • Provide basic emergency obstetric care (BEmOC) services

  • Conducting deliveries and manage complications not requiring surgery or blood transfusion

  • Equipped with either newborn care unit or newborn stabilisation unit

  • Minimum of 10 deliveries conducted every month

Level 3Comprehensive level
First referral units (community health centres, subdivisional hospitals and district hospitals)
  • Hospitals with facilities to manage complications, including C-section and blood transfusion.

  • These are equipped with newborn stabilisation unit or special newborn care unit

  • Minimum of 20–50 deliveries conducted every month

  • C-section, caesarean section; FRU, first referral unit.