Table 1

Availability of essential medicines (generic or originator brand version combined) by facility type and survey anchor areas in Delhi

Anti-neoplastic essential medicines% Retail pharmacies (n=32)% Private hospital pharmacies (n=3)% Public hospital pharmacies (n=4)% Survey anchor areas (n=7)
Asparaginase, powder inj, 10 000 IU in vial19100100100
Bleomycin, powder inj, 15 mg5310075100
Carboplatin, inj, 150 mg/15 mL4710050100
Carboplatin, inj, 450 mg/45 mL441005086
Carboplatin, inj, 50 mg/5 mL0000
Carboplatin, inj, 600 mg/60 mL0000
Carboplatin—no specific strength4710075100
Cisplatin, inj, 100 mg/100 mL0000
Cisplatin, inj, 50 mg/50 mL4410075100
Cisplatin—no specific strength4410075100
Cyclophosphamide, powder inj, 500 mg in vial47100086
Cyclophosphamide, tab, 25 mg0000
Cytarabine, powder inj, 100 mg in vial311007586
Dacarbazine, powder inj, 100 mg in vial1605029
Dactinomycin, powder inj, 500 µg in vial281002557
Daunorubicin, powder inj, 50 mg in vial0000
Dexamethasone, oral liquid, 2 mg/5 mL0000
Doxorubicin, powder inj, 10 mg311005086
Doxorubicin, powder inj, 50 mg4710075100
Doxorubicin—no specific strength4710075100
Etoposide, cap, 100 mg0000
Etoposide, inj, 100 mg386750100
Ifosfamide, powder inj, 500 mg0000
Ifosfamide, powder inj, 2 g vial1967057
Ifosfamide, powder inj, 1 g28675086
Ifosfamide, powder inj—no specific strength34675088
Mercaptopurine, tab, 50 mg5610025100
Methotrexate, powder inj, 50 mg in vial7810075100
Methotrexate, tab, 2.5 mg846775100
Paclitaxel, powder inj, 6 mg/mL16100057
Prednisolone, oral liquid, 5 mg/mL8810025100
Prednisolone, tab, 25 mg0000
Prednisolone, tab, 5 mg9110075100
Prednisolone, tab—no specific strength9110075100
Thioguanine, solid oral dosage form, 40 mg34672543
Vinblastine, powder inj, 10 mg (sulfate) in vial4110050100
Vincristine, powder inj, 1 mg4710075100
Vincristine, powder inj, 5 mg0000
Vincristine, powder inj—no specific strength4710075100
Mean (SD)38(28)71(42)43(33)70(41)
Non-canceressential medicines
 Amoxicillin 250 mg, cap/tab84050100
 Ciprofloxacin 500 mg, cap/tab10010050100
 Metformin 500 mg, cap/tab10067100100
 Omeprazole 20 mg, cap/tab1006775100
Mean (SD)96(8)58(42)69(24)100
  • Mean percentages were calculated using all specific strengths, except six which had more than one strength, hence were instead calculated as ‘no specific strength’.

  • cap, capsule; inj, injection; tab, tablet.