Table 2

Quality assessment results

Type of missionsNumber of studies includedOxford CEBM Level of EvidenceAverage GRADE score
Cleft care mission studies28 studies24 Level IV studies (case series)
4 Level IIB (economic studies)
2.6 (quality: low–moderate)
Post-burn contractures mission studies5 studies5 Level IV studies (case series)3.4 (quality: moderate)
Noma mission studies4 studies4 Level IV studies (case series)4.3 (quality: high)
General reconstructive surgery mission studies4 studies4 Level IV studies (case series)1.3 (quality: very low–low)
Overall quality and level of recommendation41 studies37/41 Level IV studies
4/41 Level IIB studies
Level C recommendations
2,7 (quality: low–moderate)
  • Information listed per condition. Quality assessment of included studies was performed using the GRADE system68 and Oxford CEBM Level of Evidence.