Table 4

Facility-level preferences within each class

AlternativeCoefficientRobust SEp-value for difference
Class 1
Facility type
 Central hospitalReference
 District hospital15.045145.0700.917
 Community hospital7.612145.0700.958
 Other hospital type15.416145.0700.915
 Health centre15.597145.0700.914
Distance to facility (km)−6.0530.369<0.001
Basic obstetric readiness (scale 0–1)−0.4360.2730.110
Fees (reference=no fees)−5.7370.565<0.001
Class 2
Facility type
 Central hospitalReference
 District hospital−1.0530.267<0.001
 Community hospital−2.2430.259<0.001
 Other hospital type−2.3910.248<0.001
 Health centre−4.6240.283<0.001
Distance to facility (km)0.8350.069<0.001
Basic obstetric readiness (scale 0–1)1.4510/294<0.001
Fees (reference=no fees)−0.1050.1080.327
  • The coefficient denotes the log OR in comparison with the reference within each category and the other class. Note that ‘maternity’ facilities are few (n=4).