Table 5

Individual-level characteristics of class 2 compared with class 1

AlternativeCoefficientRobust SEp-value for difference
Woman’s age0.1400.067<0.05
Spouse or partner age−0.0920.0630.147
 Primary education or below (includes preschool)Reference
 Secondary education or above0.4850.096<0.001
 Blind or visually impaired11.37796.6370.906
Multiple birth (eg, twins)1.0090.249<0.001
Woman’s pregnancy unwanted0.3540.249<0.001
At least four antenatal care visits during pregnancy−0.0080.1310.951
Delivery risk score (scale 0–5)−0.0310.1110.782
Caesarean delivery planned before labour onset2.4280.411<0.001
  • Twelve individual-level variables were included based on best fit of the formula to the dataset. Note that few women (n=3) reported being ‘blind or visually impaired’. The coefficient denotes the log OR in comparison with the reference within each category and the other class.