Table 1

Presentation of the options tested for monitoring PHC expenditure

Option name
and number
HC-based optionsHP-based options
PHC basic
Option 1
1+rehab and ancillary
Option 2
1+medical goods
Option 3
Option 4
1+med. and admin
Option 5
All but inpatient care
Option 6
PHC providers
Option 7
All but hospitals
Option 8
SHA 2011 items
General outpatient, dental, home-based curative care; long-term outpatient and home-based care and preventive care
Medical goods not specified by function
Rehabilitative outpatient and home-based care;
ancillary services not specified by function
Health system and financing administration
All services, including those mentioned above, except inpatient
Ambulatory and preventive care providers and medical goods retailers
All providers, including those mentioned above, except hospitals
  • PHC, primary health care; SHA, System of Health Accounts.