Table 2

Background characteristics of clusters (districts) in the Eastern Region of Ghana at intervention baseline

District (cluster)Health facilities, nDemographic distribution of health facilitiesMidwives, nDoctors, n*Deliveries per midwife, nPhones received, n†
CHPSMaternity home§Remote
(n, %)
(n, %)
Afram Plains North11707 (77.8)2 (22.2)14180.021
Asuogyaman17306 (54.5)5 (45.5)183130.429
Birim Central32916 (40.0)9 (60.0)42999.057
Denkyembour23305 (62.5)3 (37.5)3394.841
Kwaebibiraem13203 (50.0)3 (50.0)192107.625
Kwahu West18114 (36.4)7 (63.6)389101.649
Lower Manya Krobo32011 (16.7)5 (83.3)471075.054
West Akim13314 (50.0)4 (50.0)25396.431
  • *Number of doctors from main district hospital not provided by hospital management in the case of Denkyembour district.

  • †This may differ slightly from the sum of the number of midwives and the number of health facilities in the cluster as some individual-use phone could not be traced as in the case of Afram Plains North and West Akim districts.

  • ‡Includes both private and public hospitals.

  • §Includes only private maternity homes.