Table 1

Division of neonatal care in India into three categories of inpatient care and one level of routine care associated with four facility levels36–39 (details in online supplementary appendix table A2)

Category of careFacility level and package of care
Newborn care corner Primary health centres and hospitals:
All newborns
Neonatal resuscitation and routine care at birth
Identification and referral of at-risk or sick newborns
Care provided by an auxiliary nurse midwife
Inpatient care
Neonatal stabilisation unit Level 1 (community health centre):
Management of uncomplicated small neonates (>1800 g/>34 weeks’ gestation)
Management of jaundice (phototherapy) and sepsis
Care provided by a minimum of nurses (≥1) and medical officers (MOs) or paediatricians (≥1)
Special care newborn unit Level 2 (district hospital):
Management of small neonates (1200–1800 g/30–34 weeks’ gestation)
Management of sick neonates ≥1800 g with birth asphyxia, meconium aspiration, jaundice (exchange transfusion), sepsis or requiring gavage feeding
Care provided by a minimum of nurses (1 nurse:1.2 neonates), MOs (1 MO:4 neonates) and paediatricians (≥1)
Neonatal intensive care unit Level 3 (tertiary hospital):
Management of small neonates (<1200 g/<30 weeks’ gestation)
Mechanical ventilation and surgery
Care provided by a minimum of nurses (1 nurse:1 neonate) and neonatologists