Table 2

Knowledge and competencies (from simulations) before and after HMS BAB

ProvidersPretraining score
ProvidersPost-training score
Adjusted change in score* (pre-post)
n%n%% (95% CI)
Knowledge32674/8030187/9313 (10 to 16)
AMTSL simulation31732/3328483/8749 (41 to 57)
Recognition of retained placenta28147/5026890/10042 (34 to 50)
PPH management28435/3326879/8344 (39 to 48)
  • *Derived from a multilevel mixed methods model with fixed effects specified for the district and the hospital level, adjusted for the health work cadre. A total of 268 out of 331 providers included in the training completed the HMS BAB training. Providers left the training to attend emergencies or other duties.

  • AMTSL, active management of the third stage of labour; HMS BAB, Helping Mothers Survive Bleeding after Birth; PPH, postpartum haemorrhage.