Table 3

Cost components from studies based on data from both patient and provider/system perspectives (mixed)

Country/studyDiabetes typeOutpatient (per visit)Cost components, average per person (2016 US$)
Outpatient visits
(per year)
Laboratory (per year)Medicines (per year)Inpatient (per year)
LMICs (n=2)India51 2*84.4061.57159.86300.54
Nigeria52 1 and 25.9726.88132.87522.85*
UMICs (n=5)Thailand18 1 and 23.9928.2620.2042.85109.42
China53 246.43***627.09
Brazil54 2***864.86*
Brazil55 220.7346.2378.15464.48*
Argentina56 2*63.10194.96703.581081.02
  • *Authors did not provide data on this cost component.

  • LMIC, lower middle-income country; UMIC, upper middle-income country.