Table 1

Cost components from studies based on data reported by patients

Country/studyDiabetes typeOutpatient (per visit)Cost components, average per person (2016 US$)
Outpatient visits
(per year)
Laboratory (per year)Medicines (per year)Inpatient (per year)
LICs (n=2)Nepal28 1 and 24.39*31.7077.70*
Mali29 Unclear***55.97281.05
LMICs (n=6)Kyrgyzstan30 1 and 2***141.6553.43
India31 Unclear7.4114.8224.31*242.91
India32 26.65*23.0815.2020.57
India33 Unclear*14.9316.6574.7818.09
India34 1**17.00223.00*
Solomon Islands35 22.67**75.76218.73
UMICs (n=5)Iran36 2*56.9485.02224.42550.86
China16 2****549.13
China37 Unclear***257.93414.37
China38 2***245.78655.45
Romania39 Unclear*5.44*459.188.10
  • *Authors did not provide data on this cost component.

  • LIC, low-income country; LMIC, lower middle-income country.