Table 1

Individuals who presented to Prevention Pack program sites between March 2013 and February 2017

Survivors presenting for care, 2013–2017
Site nameHealth zoneEligible survivors and received kitsIneligible survivors*Total survivors presenting for careSurvivors eligible for PEP
CS LangalaLemera993012976.7%
CS LubarikaLemera862711376.1%
CS MulengeLemera902111181.1%
CS NdeguLemera136914593.8%
CS NdoleraLemera84159984.8%
CS BushigiNyangezi7378091.3%
CS KamanyolaNyangezi2554830384.2%
CS KamisimbiNyangezi98710593.3%
CS MunyaNyangezi113912292.6%
CS CEPAC MulambaWalungu75138885.2%
CS NyakakobaWalungu7398289.0%
Kamina HospitalBukavu2983778.4%
†Panzi HospitalBukavu8705922679212.8%
Data through 28 February 2017
  • *Ineligible survivors receive HIV testing and azithromycin for common bacterial sexually transmitted infections.

  • †Panzi Hospital is a referral centre that receives gender-based violence survivors from throughout the South Kivu Province.

  • PEP, post-exposure prophylaxis.