Table 1

Healthcare level and testing capabilities in Lassa-affected countries*

Laboratory facility levelTest usersCountry examples
Nigeria30 31 Sierra Leone32
Community level
Community members, healthcare workersLocal communityLocal community
Primary care setting
Healthcare workersPrimary health centre at the village and local levelPrimary health centre at the local level
District laboratory
Laboratory techniciansSecondary health facilities at the state levelDistrict health centre/hospital
Regional, provincial, specialised laboratories
Senior laboratory specialists/techniciansTertiary health facilities at the federal level, for example, ILFRC at ISTH, IrruaDistrict health centre/hospital, for example, KGH, Kenema
National reference laboratory
Senior laboratory specialistsNigeria Centre for Disease Control, AbujaCentral Public Health Reference Laboratory, Freetown
  • *Adapted from the WHO Consultation on Technical and Operational Recommendations for Clinical Laboratory Testing Harmonization and Standardization.17

  • ILFRC, Institute of Lassa fever Research and Control; ISTH, Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital; KGH, Kenema Government Hospital.