Table 1

Examples of health system challenges and relevant rapid reviews

Health system challengeEvidence need exampleRapid review
Person-centred and integrated service deliveryPrevention and management of mental health disorders in primary healthcareRapid review on the aspects of primary health care that are effective in preventing, recognising and managing mental health issues across the lifespan: the people for whom these interventions work, in what circumstances and for what reasons27
Access to and use of healthcare services in LMICsDemand-side policies and interventions for maternal and neonatal health in LMICsRapid review of the impact of demand-side intervention on use of services and health outcomes for mothers and neonates28
Equitable access to medicines and other healthcare interventionsIntegration of e-mental health interventions in health systemsRapid review of the evidence on digital interventions for mental health (including their applications, strengths and limitations) in relation to integration in healthcare systems29
  • LMIC, low-income and middle-income country.