Table 3

Health and occupational characteristics of working children aged >8 to ≤18 years, stratified by sex (n=4090)

TotalMaleFemaleP value
Total, n21071983
Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD
Weather exposure
 Hours/day of work in the sun5.<0.01
 Hours/day of work in the cold5.
Well-being indices (range)
 Child Satisfaction Index (0–9)
 Child Well-Being Index (0–16)
 Child Perception Index (0–6)
 Child Optimism Index (0–10)
n % n % n %
Receive salary on time*
Ever health symptom at work
Allowed breaks at work†
Allowed to eat at work‡
Water bottles drunk at work§¶
 0–1 bottle per day105726.049423.656328.6<0.001
 2 bottles per day122730.260028.762731.8
 3 or more bottles per day178143.899947.778239.7
Lifting weights more than 25 kg
Work under pressure to finish job on time
  • Due to respondents answering ‘I don’t know’ or respondents only answering parts of the survey depending on earlier answers, the total numerators/denominators are *3696/3699, †4085/4090, ‡4088/4090 and §4089/4090.

  • ¶Each bottle is 0.5 L.