Table 4

In-house serological tests for NiV*

Assay typeTargetReference laboratoryReference
ELISANiV IgG, IgMICDDRB and IEDCR (Bangladesh), CDC (USA) 7
ELISANiV neutralising AbDVS (Malaysia) 116
ELISANiV G proteinUniversiti Putra (Malaysia) 117 118
Western blot, ELISANiV N, M proteinsCanadian Science Center for Human and Animal Health (Canada) 119
ELISANiV N proteinChinese National Diagnostic Center for Animal Diseases (China) 120
ELISANiV N proteinInstitute of Tropical Medicine (Japan) 121
ELISANiV/HeV P proteinsCSIRO/AAHL (Australia), University of Malaya (Malaysia), China Epidemiology Center (China) 122
ELISANiV/HeV N, HeV P proteinsCDC (USA) 78
ELISANiV/HeV G proteinNational Institute for Infectious Diseases (Japan) 80
ELISANiV M proteinMARDI, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Monash University Malaysia 123
ELISANiV N proteinNational Institute of High Security Animal Diseases/ICAR (India) 79
Multiplex bead-based antibody captureNiV G, HeV G proteinsCSIRO/AAHL (Australia), Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USA) 94
  • *Adapted with permission from Springer Customer Service Centre GmBH: Springer Nature Indian Journal of Virology,66 copyright 2013; and Springer Customer Service Centre GmBH: Springer Nature Springer eBook,67 copyright 2012.

  • AAHL, Australian Animal Health Laboratory; CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; CSIRO, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; DVS, Department of Veterinary Services; HeV, Hendra virus; ICAR, Indian Council of Agricultural Research; ICDDRB, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh; IEDCR, Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research; MARDI, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute; NiV, Nipah virus.