Table 2

Timeliness of outbreak reporting based on analysis of WHO Disease Outbreak News (DON) reports, 1996–2016*

Epidemic Preparedness
Index cluster
Median days to
report (IQR)
Outbreak events (n)Timeliness (days until report) HR (95% CI)P value
110 (1–34)129
218 (2–51)1280.86 (0.67 to 1.10)0.23
316 (2–84)1490.79 (0.62 to 0.99)0.05
449 (17–94)2610.57 (0.46 to 0.71)<0.0001
554 (22–86)1870.53 (0.42 to 0.67)<0.0001
Year1.01 (1.001 to 1.02)0.04
  • *Time to report is estimated as the period of time between initial event date and date of report by the WHO DON reports. Initial event date is defined as the first known disease event identified for the first reported case in a country, including: symptom onset, presentation to medical care, diagnostic test performed or case reported to health authorities.