3B: Negative perceptions
Not timely ‘I t doesn't help us on the spot until that data is aggregated by the hospital. The actual help or usage is not immediate but maybe after a week after all the departments have punched in the figures the actual help or usage is not immediate .’ ( CO2 )
Person dependent Age: W e may say older people may not have it but then even younger people may not have it .’ ( CO5 )
Knowledge: T heoretically a digital aid is good, but on the ground, it depends on how good you are at updating yourself .’ ( CO5 )
Lack of flexibility T he application might be too rigid .’ ( CO2 )
Not sustainable T he draw-back is sustainability .’ ( CO2 )
W e found that in some hospitals, those things ( e g,baobab ) are not working, clerks have gone back to their old ways ( CO9 )
Slow, needs backup M aybe the internet is too slow or shutdown, so you are like hindered ’ (CO2) ‘you need to have a backup.’ (CO4)
Abuse of technology Games: ‘T here was a patient the nurse was playing Zuma [a computer game]. She gave some drugs (to the patient ) and then went back to Zuma. She was rushing so she could play the game. ( CO4 )
Social media: I think people usually abuse things they will be face-booking .’ ( )
Surfing the internet: T he group is to discuss palliative care, and someone will be uploading a picture of a goat .’ ( CO3 )
‘B ut to talk of the internet, I think it only benefit those who are at the management … for benefiting the patient aah no .’ ( CO3 )
Dependency, lack of autonomy ‘W hen the machine is broken down and you are still reliant on that it's not good .’ ( CO2 )
‘W e are not making ourselves be programmed like a computer that in the case that it's not there will be paralysed to think .’ ( N13 )
‘I t brings laziness amongst the workers ( CO8 ) ‘…they don’t encourage rational thinking because they want to think for us.’ (N7)
Replacing human job I believe that if we introduce a machine, we are taking away somebody's job .’ ( N7 )
Locum Staffing L et's take there are some people doing locums, there will be limitations, because they will fear nursery . ( N12 )
Fear Technology: ‘M aybe it will be directing you to a territory you are not familiar with, the machine will be far much ahead .’ ( CO3 )
Breakage: T hey fear if I break maybe I will be responsible to pay .’ ( CO3 )
Maintenance I feel there will be a time where those who maintain it are not functioning to the desired standards…we cannot function .’ ( CO5 )
Dual systems O therwise if you do both [paper and electronic data entry] at once, it will be too involving and boring as well .’ ( CO5 )
Relationships I don't think she will trust me, with my stethoscope here but am busy there (on the tablet), our relationship will not be good. ( CO8 )
  • CO, clinical officer; N, nurse.