Table 3

Perceptions of the use of digital aids in healthcare and example quotes

SubthemesExample quotes
3A: Positive perceptions
Saves information I think it's good for the sake of keeping information ( N12 ) ‘a helpful data collection tool.’ (CO8)
Ease workflow E lectronic devices maybe can improve data collection ease workflow .’ ( CO8 )
Robust W ith the system we are using now, files, you find that 2 days [later] other pages are not in the file, or maybe the file has been soaked with urine So I think it [digital system] will help us .’ ( CO8 )
Fast, time saving I t's very fast You are able to send information immediately ( CO7 ) ‘it is time saving.’ (N13)
Clinically supportive I think technology is helping us a lot . ( CO8 )
Retrievable E asy retrieval of information . ( N7 )