Table 2

Balance check, comparison of means across treatment and control villages for household-level variables from the endline survey

Households in treatment villagesHouseholds in control villages
Likelihood of being below poverty line43.1941.57
Caregiver passed Standard 80.470.51
Age of caregiver33.0732.82
Time to fetch water (minutes)105.3197.96
Distance to health facility (minutes)68.4069.37
Health facility was staffed during last visit0.810.82
Caregiver is in community health group0.030.02
Number of children caregiver has cared for4.814.79
Household has child 0–6 months0.090.10
Household has child 6 months to 2 years0.440.42
Household has child 2–5 years0.730.73