Table 1

Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) versus sanitation and nutrition (SanNut) topics

CLTS topicsAdditional SanNut topics
  • Highlight all points of open defecation and other sources of faeces within the community that can lead to contamination of everyone in the community.

  • Link diarrhoeal diseases and the associated health costs with poor sanitation.

  • Emphasise the use of latrines and handwashing with water and soap/ash among adults to prevent faecal contamination.

  • Highlight all sources of faecal matter within the homestead that can lead to faecal contamination of children as they interact with their environment.

  • Link stunting and impaired cognitive development in children to poor sanitary and nutritional practices.

  • Emphasise proper disposal of child faeces and handwashing with water and soap/ash among both children and adults.

  • Promote correct infant feeding practices especially exclusive and complementary breastfeeding at appropriate ages, and encourage the use of nutrient-rich foods.

  • Encourage caregivers to bring children to regular health facility visits in order to receive routine health services, such as vitamin A supplementation and deworming.