Table 1*

Mean and range of the coverage and inequality indicators

National coverage76.419.4 (South Sudan)99.9 (Jordan)
Rural coverage72.817.2 (South Sudan)99.9 (Jordan)
Urban coverage80.023.6 (South Sudan)99.7 (Guyana)
Rural absolute inequality (SII)34.80.7 (Jordan)78.3 (Panama)
Urban absolute inequality (SII)25.6−0.9 (Kyrgyzstan)68.8 (Chad)
Rural relative inequality (CIX)12.20.1 (Jordan)47.9 (Nigeria)
Urban relative inequality (CIX)5.9−0.1 (Belize, Kyrgyzstan)26.6 (South Sudan)
Urban-rural difference in coverage in the poorest quintile10.7−10.6 (Malawi)34.0 (CAR)
Urban-rural difference in absolute inequality (SII)−9.2−77.1 (Panama)64.2 (Chad)
Urban-rural difference in national coverage7.2−1.3 (Malawi)32.8 (CAR)
  • CIX, concentration index; SII, slope index of inequality.