Table 2*

Coverage of modelled interventions at baseline and endline by scenario (weighted by total population)*

CategoryInterventionBaseline in 2016 (%)Endline in 2030 (%)
Historic trendsGFF ConservativeGFF AmbitiousBest case
Antenatal periodBalanced energy supplementation003090
Diabetes case management2138707090
Hypertensive disorder case management4961717190
Intermittent preventive treatment of malaria during pregnancy4194949494
MgSO4 management of pre-eclampsia3250707090
Multiple micronutrient supplementation in pregnancy0828290
Syphilis detection and treatment1925707090
Tetanus toxoid vaccination8691919191
Childbirth periodInduction of labour for pregnancies lasting 41+weeks (tertiary care)3347818190
Interventions associated with health facility delivery: antibiotics for pPRoM, MgSO4 management of eclampsia, active management of the third stage of labour4278818190
Interventions associated with skilled birth attendance: clean birth practices, labour and delivery management, immediate assessment and stimulation of neonate6782858590
Neonatal resuscitation (facility-based)5978818190
Postnatal periodBreastfeeding promotion4545707090
*Projected trends from Gavi
Measles vaccine*8189898990
Meningococcal vaccine0707090
Pentavalent vaccine* (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type b)8285858590
Pneumococcal vaccine*3284848490
Rotavirus vaccine*1684848490
Preventive servicesChlorhexidine0707090
Clean postnatal practices3451767690
Hand washing with soap5755727290
ITN/IRS: households protected from malaria2749828290
Infant and young child feeding promotion:education only about appropriate complementary feeding2521707090
Supplemental food and education for children ages 6–23 months from food-insecure households2521255555
Vitamin A supplementation7992939393
CurativeAntibiotics for treatment of dysentery1823707090
Case management of neonatal prematurity including kangaroo mother care0707090
Case management of neonatal sepsis/pneumonia with injectable antibiotics078818190
Maternal sepsis case management0707090
Oral antibiotics for pneumonia6267747490
Oral rehydration solution4253717190
Treatment for severe acute malnutrition with food supplementation31333434
Treatment of malaria with artemisinin compounds523737390
Vitamin A for treatment of measles7992939393
Zinc for treatment of diarrhoea1418707090
HIV/AIDS interventions
(eg, Prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT), cotrimoxazole, antiretroviral therapy (ART))
Projected trends from UNAIDS Reference Group on Estimates, Models and Projections (UNAIDS)
Family planningProjected trends from UN Population Division 2017 Revision of World Population ProspectsProjected trends from UN Population Division 2017 Revision of World Population Prospects OR 75% of current demand satisfied with modern methods by 2030
  • Intervention coverage follows a pattern of historic change if this projected coverage in 2030 is greater than the preset or designated target (eg, 70%). Interventions with current baseline coverage exceeding the target were held constant through 2030.

  • IRS, Indoor residual spraying; ITN, Insecticide-treated bednet .