Table 1

Descriptive statistics for respondents and their social contacts

RespondentsSocial contacts
Respondent and contact same-gender
 18–24 years6352.9
 25–34 years5647.1
Relationship of contact to respondent*
 Other romantic partner4712.0
 Other non-relative164.1
Location of respondent
Location of contact relative to respondent†
 Same household16742.4
 Same community12030.5
 Same district4812.2
 Outside district5413.7
Contact provision of support to respondent
Advice flows between respondent and contact
 Ever discussed sexual behaviour20451.8
 Ever discussed STI prevention22456.9
 Contact ever given respondent HIV prevention advice‡17043.6
 Contact ever given respondent partner advice‡4611.8
  • Percentages are of all social contacts for which each question was asked, ie they sum to 100% once missing data are included.

  • *Two contacts were unspecified relatives.

  • †Five contacts' locations were not specified.

  • ‡Question not asked for four individuals who declined to answer ‘ever discussed STI prevention’ question.