Table 2

Prioritisation of interventions for communities during second meeting (includes examples for discussion purposes)

Problem to be addressedIntervention(s)Ranking of this intervention by participantsWhy is this important?Why is this a priority versus other interventions?
Low quality of management of diabetesBetter access to diagnostic tools at PHC
Healthcare worker training
Training of nurses
2Communities feel that diabetes is poorly managedPriority due to high level of poor outcomes of people with diabetes
Lack of knowledge of NTDsMedia campaigns of NTDs
Posters in community on selected NTD
Use of community as educators on NTD
3Communities feel that they do not have sufficient information on NTD to be able to address this health concern effectivelyPriority as people are not able to address their own health concerns
Women feel overburdened with care of people with chronic diseasesDevelopment of women’s groups
Peer support networks
Strengthening of PHC
1Women are missing out on other opportunities due to burden of carePriority as women feel that they are unable to address other roles and also be economically productive
Access to medicines for hypertension is poorTraining of pharmacists
Coordination meetings with people responsible for supply systems
4People diagnosed with hypertension are not able to access medicines and need to pay high prices for these in private sectorPriority as this impacts management of hypertension as well as being a financial burden on households
  • NCD, non-communicable diseases; NTD, neglected tropical diseases; PHC, primary healthcare.