Table 4

Potential areas of intervention from each country

PolicyAdvocacy for increased focus on NCD and NTD at policy levelEngagement of policymakers for more focus on NCDs and a refocusing on leprosyManagement of health resources (financial, material) promoting coordination of national and regional level
Health SystemTraining for healthcare workers on case management of the three diseases including issues on gender and vulnerable populationsImprove the management of the three diseases at PHC level using synergies for prevention and management of complications.Training of health personnel with guidelines to transfer knowledge to new workers
CommunityCommunity health education on prevention and self-management of the three diseasesAwareness raising at community level for the three diseases promoting prevention and early detectionTraining of community health workers with focus on health promotion and follow-up of patients
  • NCD, non-communicable diseases; NTD, neglected tropical diseases; PHC, primary healthcare.