Example: 12-month-old well child is brought for immunisations.
Management stepsIMCIPACK ChildComments
Symptom screenIMCI is designed for use during a sick-child consultation and, while it may integrate preventive care during a curative consultation, it has no formal entry point for the well child between the ages of 2 months and 5 years.
IMCI does provide an entry point for the infant <2 months old for a well-baby visit; however, this is limited to a symptom screen, advice for home care and feeding counselling.
Feeding screenYes
Assess and interpret growthYes
Developmental screenYes
Assess HIV riskYes
Assess TB riskYes
Assess caregiver healthYes
Psychosocial riskYes
Mental health (behaviour)Yes
Basic examinationYes
Health promotion messagesYes
Immunisation, if neededYes
Vitamin A and deworming, if neededYes
Follow-up for routine careYes