Table 3

Estimate of intervention effects

OR95% CIObservationsaOR95% CIObservations
Primary outcome
 Any form of sexual violence1.040.65 to 1.667400.960.59 to 1.57663
Secondary outcomes
 Unwanted sexual touching0.930.52 to 1.657810.860.48to 1.54695
 Coerced sex1.310.75 to 2.297651.200.66 to 2.19680
 Forced sex1.000.55 to 1.797671.030.58 to 1.84681
 Physical violence1.300.81 to 2.097911.170.73 to 1.89699
 Emotional violence0.820.58 to 1.167730.880.60 to 1.29688
 Transactional sex0.650.35 to 1.237780.660.33 to 1.32690
 Child marriage0.790.50 to 1.247690.720.46 to 1.15683
 Perceived feelings of safety
  Home1.550.91 to 2.627841.570.96 to 2.57694
  School1.240.71 to 2.185661.370.75 to 2.49507
  Friend's house1.090.58 to 2.057761.060.57 to 2.00690
  Neighbour's house0.990.60 to 1.647781.040.62 to 1.73688
  Safe place to spend time with other girls1.570.96 to 2.567781.520.97 to 2.39688
 Attitudes around rites of passage
  Grade to complete in school (β (95% CI))0.93**0.31 to 1.567961.08**0.44 to 1.761702
  Age of marriage2.00*1.16 to 3.467911.88*1.07 to 3.28699
  Age of first child1.94*1.16 to 3.277872.04**1.25 to 3.34694
  Working outside the home after marriage1.080.74 to 1.567831.180.82 to 1.69692
 Social supports
  Have friends1.83**1.20,2 to 787821.71**1.18 to2.49694
  Have trusted non-family female adult1.89***1.38 to 2.577642.00***1.44 to 2.76681
  • No allowance for multiplicity was made in the analyses. Adjusted models control for having ever had a boyfriend, a four-level categorical variable indicating biological parents living in the home and age. All results are ORs or aORs, except for ‘grade to complete in school’. ORs are statistically *P <0.05, **P <0.01, ***P <0.001.

  • aOR, adjusted OR.