Table 2

Descriptive statistics of contraceptive use

% / mean (n)
Panel A Treatment fidelity*
 Share of participants assigned to voucher that receive the correct voucher type0.98 (451/460)
 Share of participants assigned to receive short message service SMS that are sent an SMS within 1 week of scheduled time0.95 (165/174)
Panel B Voucher redemptions*
 Voucher ever redeemed, among participants randomised to receive a voucher0.20 (93/460)
 Voucher redeemed, among users of LARC in the short-term postpartum period0.42 (32/77)
 Voucher redeemed, among users of non-LARC in the short-term postpartum period0.17 (19/115)
 Value of redeemed voucher
  All methods$4.26 (92)
  Long-acting reversible method (LARC)$4.92 (66)
  Non-LARC$2.59 (26)
 Days between estimated date of delivery (EDD) and voucher redemption, among participants redeeming vouchers71.16 (93)
Panel C Characteristics of first postpartum contraceptive initiated
 Contraceptive method type, among users initiating any modern method (self-reported)
  Oral pills (combined or progestin-only)0.267
  Intrauterine device/system0.059
  Emergency pills0.005
  Tubal ligation or vasectomy0.010
 Location family planning accessed, among users initiating any modern method (self-reported)
  Jacaranda facility0.367
  Other private facility0.214
  Public facility0.271
  Chemist, pharmacy or other location0.148
 Cost of contraception, among users reporting initiating any modern method (US$), self-reported†$1.50 (353)
 Days between EDD and first modern method initiation83.10 (386)
  • See table 1 notes for definition of modern contraception. Short-term postpartum outcomes as defined as 63 days after the EDD. Survey outcomes are constructed using all available survey data in the relevant time window and may include surveys scheduled for 9 weeks, 3, 6 or 9 months or 1 year after the participant's EDD. Panel C describes characteristics of first initiation of modern contraception at any time in the postpartum period (within 1 year of delivery). The reduced sample size for cost of modern contraception is due to observations for which information on first modern method initiated was collected at the 3-month follow-up survey only; this survey did not include information on cost of current method if method not obtained at a health facility.

  • *Programmatic data collected by study team.

  • †Cost in Kenyan shillings converted to US$ based on mean of monthly conversion rates over enrolment period (April 2014–September 2015).