Table 1

Overview of reviews

Review (author, year)Type of review (as identified by the authors)Country focusDomain/Theme
Martin-Moreno et al,32 2016Literature reviewGlobalCross-cutting
Ng and Ruger,33 2011Literature reviewGlobalCross-cutting
Woulfe et al,34 2010Literature reviewGlobal/HICCross-cutting
Casanovas et al,35 2013Narrative reviewGlobalEarly childhood development
Buse and Hawkes,36 2015Literature reviewGlobalNon-communicable diseases
Williams,37 2009Literature reviewHICCriminal justice
Berends et al,38 2016Literature reviewHICCross-cutting
Carey et al,39 2014Meta-synthesisHICCross-cutting
Hayes et al,40 2012Meta-analysisHICCross-cutting
Hendriks et al,41 2014Literature reviewHICCross-cutting
Kindig et al,42 2003Literature reviewHICCross-cutting
Lorenc et al,43 2014Systematic reviewHICCross-cutting
van Herten et al,44 2001Literature reviewHICCross-cutting
de Leeuw,45 2017Literature reviewHICCross-cutting/HiAP
Gase et al,46 2013Literature reviewHICCross-cutting/HiAP
Gase et al,47 2017Literature reviewHICCross-cutting/HiAP
Gannon-Leary et al,48 2006Literature reviewHICHealth and social services
Mackie and Darvill,49 2016Systematic reviewHICHealth and social services
Green et al,50 2014Literature reviewHICInjury and disability
Whiteford et a l,51 2014Systematic reviewHICMental Health
Bergeron and Lévesque,52 2012Literature reviewHICPhysical activity
Dawson et al,53 2015Literature reviewHICPhysical activity
Ndumbe-Eyoh and Moffatt,54 2013Literature reviewHICSocial determinants
de Azevedo et al,21 2012Non-systematic reviewLMICHealth promotion
Bowen et al,55 2013Literature reviewLMICClimate change
Du et al,56 2015Literature reviewLMICFood security/nutrition
Hurley et al,57 2016Literature reviewLMICFood security/nutrition
Phuka et al,58 2014Literature reviewLMICFood security/nutrition
Hongoro et al,59 2008Literature reviewLMICHIV/AIDS
Corbin et al,60 2016Scoping reviewMixedCross-cutting
Magee,61 2003Literature reviewMixedCross-cutting
Rantala et al,62 2014Scoping reviewMixedCross-cutting
Ehrenberg and Ault,63 2005Literature reviewMixedNeglected diseases
Pedrana et al,64 2016Scoping reviewMixedSocial determinants
Shankardass et al,65 2012Scoping reviewMixedSocial determinants
Chircop et al,66 2015Scoping reviewHICReview of frameworks
Klassen et al,67 2010Systematic reviewHICReview of frameworks
Cohen and Marshall,68 2017Scoping reviewMixedReview of frameworks
  • HIC, high-income country;HiAP, Health in All Policies;LMIC, low-income and middle-income country.