Table 1

NAR variables used for analysis

DomainNumber of variablesVariables included in the analysis
Maternal history*6Mothers age, parity, gravidity, mothers blood group, HIV status, VDRL status.
Demographics and diagnosis12 Admission information: date of birth, admission date, gender, birth weight, age in days, gestational age, mode of delivery, APGAR score at 5 min, admission diagnosis.
Discharge information: date of discharge or death, outcome (dead or alive), diagnosis on discharge or death.
Presenting complaints6Presence of fever, convulsions, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, difficulty feeding, apnoea.
Cardinal signs on examination4Grunting, central cyanosis, bulging fontanelle, floppy (inability to suck, reduced movements/activity).
Other physical examination18 Airway: stridor.*
Breathing: bilateral air entry on chest examination*, crackles on chest examination, chest indrawing.
Circulation: skin pinch, femoral pulses*, capillary refill time, heart murmur*, pallor, peripheral to central skin temperature gradient.*
Others: signs of eye infection, signs of umbilical infection, presence of skin rashes/pustules, stiff neck, irritability, jaundice, gestational size*, severe wasting.*
Vital signs4Temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, oxygen saturation.*
  • *Variables included in the modified NAR after 2014.

  • NAR, newborn admission record; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; VDRL, venereal disease research laboratory