Table 3

Facility performance and availability of abortion-related signal functions in Central Province in 2016 by level of facility

n=10, %
Health centres
n=143, %
n=153, %
Facilities that have performed a procedure within last 12 months
 Medical termination of pregnancy801216
 Surgical termination of pregnancy4036
 First trimester termination of pregnancy (medical or surgical)801216
 Second trimester termination of pregnancy (medical or surgical)4036
 Any termination of pregnancy (medical or surgical)701316
 Medical postabortion care903639
 Surgical postabortion care7059
 First trimester postabortion care (medical or surgical)902630
 Second trimester postabortion care (medical or surgical)801116
 Any postabortion care (medical or surgical)1003539
Facilities that report it would be able to perform procedure
 First trimester termination of pregnancy (medical or surgical)801312
 Second trimester termination of pregnancy (medical or surgical)7038
 First trimester postabortion care (medical or surgical)1004154
 Second trimester postabortion care (medical or surgical)802226
Capability to carry out specific clinical procedures
 Give intravenous fluids1009999
 Give parenteral antibiotics1009898
 Give uterotonics1008788
 Give a blood transfusion10029
 Conduct a laparotomy, laparoscopy and/or hysterectomy8027
Family planning availability
 Male condom909393
 Female condom704345
 Combined contraceptive pill/oral contraceptives1008082
 Progesterone-only contraceptive pill806669
 Combined injectable704446
 Progesterone-only injectable1009091
 Emergency contraception803133
 At least three different method types* available, including condoms908787
 At least one long-acting reversible method available905860
 Family planning available 1+ day/week909796
 Family planning available 7 days/week401718
Facility staffing
 Has 1+ health professional present1008384
 Has 3+ health professionals registered1004145
 Has 1+ doctor present901217
 Has 3+ doctors registered7027
 Facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week903034
  • *Combined and/or progesterone-only of a method defined as one type; male and/or female condom defined as one type.