Table 4

Percentage of facilities achieving basic and/or comprehensive capability to carry out TOP services and/or PAC in Central Province under alternative scenarios by level of facility

n=10, %
Health centres
n=143, %
n=153, %
Current law under 1972 TOP Act, non-emergency scenario: requirement for three doctors to be registered
 Basic capability to provide TOP6015
 Comprehensive capability to provide TOP5014
Current law under 1972 TOP Act, emergency scenario: requirement for one doctor to be registered
 Basic capability to provide TOP7016
 Comprehensive capability to provide TOP6015
WHO guidelines allowing midlevel providers to provide TOP services
 Basic capability to provide TOP701216
 Comprehensive capability to provide TOP6037
Provision of PAC services
 Basic capability to provide PAC3024
 Comprehensive capability to provide PAC2012
  • PAC, postabortion care; TOP, termination of pregnancy.