Table 1

Characteristics of women and households (n=1401)

Socioeconomic characteristics
 Age (years)
  Lower secondary40128.6
  Higher secondary or above1379.8
  Traditional and others41229.4
 Number of pregnancies
  Four or more43431.0
 Marital status
  Unmarried, widowed, divorced or separated18213.0
 Partner’s age (years)
  Unknown or NA40528.9
 Partner’s education
  Lower secondary39027.8
  Upper secondary or above30822.0
  Unknown or NA1148.1
  No. of children aged under 5 years (mean and SD)1.91.5
  Socioeconomic status score* (mean and SD)0.01.0
Factors about the latest pregnancy
 Intended pregnancy
 Money prepared for delivery
 Held health insurance card
 Received support from family member during and after delivery
 Any complications for women during pregnancy, delivery or post-delivery within 6 weeks of delivery
 Any complications for child within 6 weeks of delivery
  • *Standardised z-score based on factor analysis using the following variables: availability of electric power, availability of clean toilet, house roof material, ownership of refrigerator, availability of clean water, ownership of TV, ownership of radio and ownership of mobile phone.

  • NA, not available.