Table 2

Changes in family planning availability and facility staffing in central province between 2005 and 2016 by level of facility

n=10, %
Health centres
n=115, %
n=10, %
Health centres
n=143, %
Family planning availability
 Male condom50949093
 Female condom20177043
 Combined contraceptive pill/oral contraceptives309310080
 Progesterone-only contraceptive pill30778066
 Combined injectable30927044
 Progesterone-only injectable10090
 Emergency contraception0138031
 Any method of family planning609610097
 At least three different method types* available, including condoms30949087
 At least one long-acting reversible method available4039058
 Family planning available 1+ day/week50979097
 Family planning available 7 days/week20234017
Facility staffing
 Has 1+ health professional present1008710083
 Has 3+ health professionals registered1004210041
 Has 1+ doctor present8049012
 Has 3+ doctors registered200702
  • *Combined and/or progesterone-only of a method defined as one type; male and/or female condom defined as one type.