ItemsDomain 1Domain 2Domain 3Domain 4
Cumulative % of variance explained29.58434.11042.77053.789
% variance explained29.5844.5268.66011.019
I have an improved awareness of the needs of low/middle-income countries0.899
I have an improved understanding of the health challenges facing low/middle-income countries0.836
I have an improved awareness of the resources available in low/middle-income countries0.800
I have a greater understanding of global health issues0.663
I have an improved understanding of the complexity of research conducted in low/middle-income countries0.485
I look for ways to make my work environment more multicultural0.837
I stress the importance of cultural competence among my colleagues0.710
I am more aware of my own behaviours and attitudes towards culture0.564
I am more likely to encourage my team to be innovative0.765
I am better at managing my team0.738
I am more likely to look for ways to motivate my team0.3240.714
I am better at keeping my team informed of any relevant issues0.587
I am better at working as part of a team0.4290.373*
I offer help to my colleagues more often0.3670.313*
My cultural competence has improved0.4640.379*
I am more sensitive to other cultures0.4110.378*
I changed my attitude towards my self0.781
I experienced personal growth0.717
I made new friendships0.660
I made changes in my personal life0.646
My desire to pursue further education has increased0.643
I fulfilled my desire to travel0.586
  • *Indicates where an item is found to split-loading, that the selected item will be where the factor item will be loaded onto (based on theory and literature).

  • KMO, Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin.