Table 1

Regional level estimates of all-age population within travel time of 30 min, 1 hour and 2 hours (catchment) of surgery at a national level in sub-Saharan Africa

RegionEstimated 2015 population (in millions)No of hospitals with potential surgical capacityHospital to population ratio per 1 00 000 populationPercentage of (mean) people 30 min of a surgical facilityPercentage of (mean) people 1 hour of a surgical facilityPercentage of (mean) people 2 hours of a surgical facilityProportion of children under 15 yearsProportion of women of childbearing ageEstimated burden of surgery in all-age population (in millions) outside of 2 hours catchment (mean in millions)
Central Africa151.559710.6456.9972.6287.340.470.2219.19
Eastern Africa* 329.1414170.4366.4180.7790.750.450.2330.45
Southern Africa163.479200.5660.0776.1391.200.400.2414.39
Western Africa352.7215970.4575.8888.4896.110.450.2313.72
  • *Eastern African countries include the countries of the Horn of Africa.