Table 3

Cost-effectiveness results (economic costs, 2015 USD)

VariablesUnitsProvider cost*Societal cost†
Total cost of campaign7 749 1289 146 101
Outputs Provider cost per unit Societal cost per unit
Radio spots‡74 48040n/a
Long format shows§46101040n/a
Beneficiaries Provider cost per person Societal cost per person
Population¶2 378 9903.33.8
Pregnant women and children under five14 621 25412.514.7
Behaviour change outcomes Provider cost per unit Societal cost per unit
Additional number of facility visits (antenatal care, child births, under-five consultations)423 78718.321.6
Health outcomes ICER—provider ICER—societal
Lives saved in children under five
(% mortality reduction)
2967 (–7.1%)26123083
Life years gained82 53894111
DALYs averted82 53894111
  • *Radio campaign costs.

  • †Radio campaign costs+household costs.

  • ‡1317 different modules each broadcasted once by seven radio stations.

  • §152 different spots each broadcasted 70 times each within a 1 week period by seven radio stations.

  • ¶Annuaire Statistique 2011: Burkina Faso Ministere de la Sante, Secretariate General, Direction General de l’information et des Statistiques Sanitaires, 2012.