Table 1

Financial reporting tools and processes12

Clinical forms to show performanceFinancial manuals and forms
MOH711: TB control data.Guidelines and reference documents.Receipt vouchers (F017).
MOH711A: Integrated RH, HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB and nutrition.Managing HSSF, an operations manual.Payment vouchers (F021).
MOH113: Nutrition monthly reporting.Guidelines on financial management for HSSF.Travel imprest form (F022).
MOH717: Service workload.Chart on accounts.Local purchase orders.
MOH718: Inpatient morbidity and mortality.Registers and books to be completed.Local service orders.
MOH729AF: CDRR for ARV and OI medicine.Memorandum vote book.Request for quotations.
MOH730: Facility monthly ARV patient.Receipt book.Stock cards for all items in stores.
MOH731: Comprehensive HIV/AIDS facility reporting form.Facility service register.Imprest warrants.
MOH733B: Nutrition services summary tool.Cash book.Bank reconciliation forms (F030).
MOH734F: CDRR HIV nutrition commodity.Cheque book.Counter requisition and issue vouchers (S11).
MOH105: Service delivery report.Cheque book register.Counter receipt vouchers (S13).
MOH515: Chew summary.Fixed asset register.Handover forms.
MOH710: Vaccines and immunisation.Imprest register.Monthly financial report forms.
Consumables stock register.Monthly expenditure report forms.
Store register.Quarterly financial report forms.
Receipt book register.Other items register.
  • ARV, antiretrovirals; CDRR, Consumption Data Report & Request; HSSF, Health Sector Services Fund; MOH, Ministry of Health; RH, reproductive health; OI, Opportunistic Infection; TB,  tuberculosis.