Table 1

Selected health financing indicators for Kenya

Health insurance coverage15 43 9.7%NA10.0%17.1%19%
Percentage of THE financed by public sources12 44 29.6%29.3%28.8%33.5%37%
Percentage of THE financed by donors12 44 16.4%31.0%34.5%24.7%23.4%
Percentage of THE financed by private sources12 44 54.0%39.3%36.7%40.6%39.6%
Percentage of THE paid for through out-of-pocket expenditure12 44 NANA25.1%26.6%26.1%
THE per capita (US$)12 44 51.2%59.5%66.3%77.4%78.6%
Government health expenditure as percentage of total government expenditure12 44 7.9%5.1%4.8%6.1%6.7%
THE as a percentage of GDP12 44 5.1%4.7%5.4%6.8%5.2%
Public expenditure on health as a percentage of GDP*1.5%1.4%1.6%2.3%2.2%
  • *Source author computation from the 2013/2014 and 2015/2016 Kenya National Health accounts.

  • GDP,¬†gross domestic product; THE, total health expenditure.