Table 3

Ebola screening evaluation traveller participant characteristics

Participant characteristicN
 Healthcare provider (non-military)3
 Military medical4
 Military non-medical3
 Journalists (eg, correspondent, producer and camera person)4
 Other non-medical (eg, engineer and heavy plant fitter)2
 Non-medical response to Ebola outbreak (eg, epidemiologist, humanitarian worker and nutritionist)6
Returned to UK prescreening (before 14 October) as well as postscreening 11
Number of times screened on entry to UK
 0 (returned prescreening only)1
 2 or more9
Port of entry (note: some travellers had used more than one port of entry)
 Port 119 (including 5 military travellers)
 Port 23 (including 1 military travellers)
 Port 34
 Port 42 (both military travellers)
 Port 5 (not originally a sampled port but travellers had been screened here)2
Category of risk
 No category given as only returned prescreening1
 Could not remember4
Signs and symptoms present at either port of entry or during 21-day incubation period
Referred to secondary care
 Yes – directly from port2
 Yes – during 21-day incubation period5